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Elf Liaison Officers

Well. Despite my best efforts to not think about Christmas until December I do have to consider the Advent situation in November.You see I made a rod for my own back when my little bundle of loveliness Hugh came along. When he was 2 mum bought him this cute little Advent Cupboardy thing.

I was so excited to speak to my Elf Liaison Officer, Fargher to make a plan about what little goodies could go into the box. In the early years it was sweet little things, small animals then progressed to some sweeties. 

Then along came another little gorgeous imp. Fred got this.

Fargher was getting busier and the boys were keen to hear all about how the Advent gifts got into the box and the rusty buckets.

It became clear that if the boys had not slept well, or Mummy had had a few too many the night before, that sometimes, just sometimes the cupboard/bucket would be empty (cruel elves) or, alternatively filled later when the elves would not be detected. You see they do not like movement during night time hours because they cannot be seen.

Then a beautiful little fairy came along, Harriet. Her turn has now come to hear all about  the magical Fargher and to get an Advent box full of tiny treats.This is hers…


So, the big question is what will they be getting this year. The hunt for small things that do not rot their teeth starts now for Fargher. I expect he will choose Match Attax for the boys, Hot Wheels cars, rubbers and pencil sharpeners are the order of the day. Hattie will obviously get hairclips and small little cuddly bits and Peppa memorabilia. If your Elf Liaison Officer is struggling then I must recommend this Mumsnet thread.

If you are looking for more grown up ideas then this is just so cheap and chic. Check out Most Lovely Things blog - stunning.

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